Licensing material

Many institutions are moving towards developing their own custom instructional material. There are many reasons for this:

  • the high price of textbooks
  • unfixed errors in textbooks
  • the interest in customizing the material to the student and institution
  • the availability of technology to create high-quality documents
  • departmental and institutional revenue generation

The biggest barriers to producing custom instruction material is the mountain of material that must be accumulated, organized, and entered into a computer. Many departments have started and then abandoned their project with the realization that the amount of work required is much greater than expected.

Rogue Publishing offers an alternative: begin your project using one or more of our publications as the foundation for your project. Your institution licenses the raw electronic files. The development team can then add, delete, modify, and reorganize the material to produce custom instructional material that can be sold within and beyond your institution. Some examples include

  • developing a custom chemistry textbook/workbook based on Exploring Chemistry
  • using sections from Communicating Science in preface laboratory material on preparing laboratory reports and scholarly posters

Contact Rogue Publishing for details.