Rogue Publishing can help you with printing your material. We can provide as much or as little as you require to get your book printed.

An overview of the book printing industry.

Rogue Publishing services

Short-run printing. Rogue Publishing operates a digital printing facility, specializing in books. Our facility has the following features

Paper options: 16 lb or 20 lb paper (equivalent to 50 lb or 60 lb offset paper)
Maximum page size: 8.5"×11" 
Printing: full color laser
Binding options: perfect, hard cover (flex), coil, cerlox, stitch, staple, ...
Cost: our price for full color printing is the same as others charge for b/w (maximum 10 % coverage). A book, 150 to 200 pages and up to 8.5"×11", would cost

• 10 copies: 20.00 ea (CAD) <quoting engine coming soon>
• 25 copies: 16.00 ea
• 100 copies: 13.00 ea
• 500 copies: 11.00 ea
• 1000 copies: 10.00 ea

Because of our state-of-the-art digital facility, we can customize every print: numbered prints, receiver's name, unique identifier, .... 
We can also help you with formatting your book to be print-ready. (charges may apply)

Long-run printing. Rogue Publishing maintains a list of reputable high-volume printers in Canada and the US. We can

  • help you with formatting your book to the printer's requirements
  • arrange for your book to be printed and shipped directly to you