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Periodic table

An up to date, comprehensive periodic table. Perfect for printing.
GUARANTEE: this periodic table will be updated with the new elements within 24 hours of the names being announced.


IUPAC Green Book

More properly titled Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry, the IUPAC Green Book is the definitative guide to chemical scientific syntax. This book is published in association with the International Organization for Standards (ISO) and is consistant with similar guides in all the other sciences, industry, and government.
(The guide has been uploaded to Rogue Publishing because the IUPAC website keeps changing, so links to the Green Book on the IUPAC website regularly die.)


Periodic Table BATTLESHIP

The game of Battleship with a chemistry flavor that helps to learn the elements, row and group numbers, electronic configurations, and molecular structure.


Liquid nitrogen ice cream

Our extensively tested recipe. Flavors range from vanilla to mint chocolate chip to khalua. And remember: when you put fruit in ice cream, it's healthy. Right? Maybe?